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Project Amp is an extended brief mentorship intervention that utilizes the power of young adult peer mentors to implement a youth-focused, strengths-based, and non-punitive prevention and early intervention resource. This multi-session intervention originated within a Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) framework, and pairs youth with young adults with lived experience of recovery and resiliency specific to substance use, mental health, trauma or related challenges. Mentors meet with youth over four to six sessions and together, they work toward exploring youth participant’s strengths and interests, navigating pressures and well-being, understanding alcohol and drug risks, developing self-efficacy, clarifying values, achieving goals, and finding positive social connections in the school and community.

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Project Amp mentors follow a structured but flexible curriculum that offers guidance, tips, activities, facts, resources, and conversation starters. This curriculum equips mentors with evidence-based tools to use during the youth-guided mentorship intervention. Mentors are trained in motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, person-centered care, and strategies for sharing their own experiences of resiliency and recovery.

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Because of its flexible nature, Project Amp can support youth at varying stages of substance use risk. Typically, mentors are embedded within behavioral health agencies, settings, or teams that allow for seamless access to clinical supports and supervision as needed, as mentors work across schools, primary and behavioral healthcare agenda, and other youth-serving settings.