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Project Amp is a brief, youth-driven, strengths-based, and non-punitive mentorship approach. It is designed to help youth explore interests, develop goals, and navigate through pressures and risks that might impact their well-being. Youth are matched with trained young adult peer mentors who have some experience of recovery and resiliency specific to substance use, mental health, trauma, or related challenges.

For youth, time spent with a Project Amp mentor is all about you. It is a safe, supportive, and confidential space to explore what is working for you and what you might want to work on changing.

Explore their strengths, interests, and personal goals:

Project Amp mentors get to know youth participants through conversations and activities to set the stage for identifying personal strengths, goals, and concerns. Together, they navigate the Project Amp curriculum in ways that are most meaningful to youth participants.

Emphasize wellness and resiliency:

Mentors introduce the concept of wellness and help youth explore strategies for promoting wellness including understanding stress, using healthy coping mechanisms, resisting social pressures, cultivating social supports, and understanding factual information about alcohol and other drugs so that they can make informed decisions.

Enhance self-efficacy to achieve goals:

Throughout the 4-6 sessions, youth plan, strategize, and track progress toward self-identified goals.

Engage with community resources and positive social networks:

Mentors explore youth interest in trying out new school or community resources and support them in getting connected.

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Project Amp will look different at each school, health care setting, or community organization. It can be implemented with or without a risk-oriented screening tool, made available to youth in different ways, and it might include different numbers of sessions. Project Amp can also be implemented in person or remotely through telephone or video conferencing.

Contact your local Project Amp representatives to learn more!