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The youth behavioral health crisis is a growing concern in the United States. Young peers are one solution to addressing this crisis: they add needed capacity for youth counselors, therapists, and clinicians; can act as a bridge to further services; and can be a relatable source of support for young people.

In this series of brief videos, hear from mentors and other experts about the benefits of expanding and diversifying the youth peer workforce, and ensuring cultural humility when supporting young people.

Speaker Bios

This video talks about the valuable role that young adult peers and near-age peers play in the workforce that supports youth behavioral health needs.

Speaker Bios

This video talks about the importance of ensuring that the youth peer workforce is diverse and representative of different lived experiences.

Speaker Bios

This video talks about why cultural humility and cultural adaptations matter when engaging young people to address behavioral health needs.

Speaker Bios
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This video series brings together the voices of young adults with lived experience of behavioral health challenges, a prevention and early intervention specialist, and a peer support and racial equity subject matter expert. Our speakers highlight the value of young peers and make the case for growing the field to help address the youth behavioral health crisis.