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We support agencies to define, recruit, hire, train, supervise, support, and grow Project Amp mentors. Integrating peer roles – and especially young adult peer roles – is valuable for community agencies as they build a comprehensive continuum of support. Especially for agencies hiring peers for the first time, it is critical that supervisors and leaders understand the unique responsibilities and boundaries of peer roles and how they differ from clinical or even other paraprofessional roles. Young adult peers may also need additional support as they enter the workforce and determine their personal goals and pathways for career development. The Project Amp team at C4 Innovations offers a wide range of training and implementation support for mentors, supervisors, agencies, and other stakeholders.

We are continuing to build the evidence base for Project Amp. Project Amp is built on established evidence-based practices that support health behavior change and well-being in ways that are person-centered, trauma-informed, and strengths-based. Following early research on Project Amp feasibility and preliminary effectiveness, research is ongoing to further evaluate Project Amp’s effectiveness as well as best practices for implementation and adaptation. We also welcome the opportunity to support Project Amp communities with local evaluation consultation, design, and implementation.