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Here are some helpful resources to get you started:

Research Findings: Quantitative Data
This research brief describes quantitative findings from research conducted between 2020 and 2022.

Research Findings: Qualitative Data
This research brief describes qualitative findings from research conducted between 2020 and 2022.

Education Brief
Project Amp provides support that can help to improve academic outcomes for students and put students on a path to successful, healthy futures.

State Agency Brief
Project Amp supports the goals of state behavioral health directors by expanding connections to peer support and enhancing key prevention and early intervention strategies.

COVID-19 Brief
Project Amp can help to address COVID-19 related risks such as trauma exposure, substance use, mental health concerns, and isolation by engaging students in brainstorming healthy coping mechanisms, stress relief, and positive goal setting.

Funding Brief
Schools and states can use different funding streams to finance prevention and early intervention efforts like Project Amp.

Mental Health Fact Sheet
Mental health concerns are common among adolescents engaging in substance use. This brief guides mentors in responding thoughtfully to these concerns with Project Amp participants.

Suicide Prevention Fact Sheet
Suicide is a growing concern and challenging topic that may come up during Project Amp sessions. Mentors can be prepared by knowing about suicide risk factors and learning how to effectively respond to students if this comes up with youth.

Implementation Guide
Drawing from Phase 1 research and lessons learned, this guide discusses the possible settings, adaptations, and resources available to implement Project Amp.

Project Amp Flyer for Schools
This flyer can be used when describing Project Amp to school administrators, faculty, and staff.

Project Amp Flyer for Parents
This flyer can be used when describing Project Amp to parents.

Adolescent Autism Tip Sheet
Project Amp participants with autism may have unique needs related to planning and engagement. This brief provides suggestions for adaptations that mentors can make to best meet the needs of these youth.

Project Amp Participant Workbook
Worksheets to guide your time together with your mentor as you explore your personal strengths, interests, and personal and community supports.

Project Amp Participant Workbook - Spanish
The Project Amp Participant Workbook is also available in Spanish!

Participant Eligibility Criteria
Project Amp is designed to support youth at varying stages of substance use risk. This resource describes youth who may be a good fit to participate in Project Amp.